Welcome to the Fragiadakis Lab/ DS CoLab

The Fragiadakis Lab: The Data Science CoLab

We are a systems-immunology lab. Our research centers on understanding patient immune state using single-cell methods, primarily CyTOF and single-cell sequencing, in a variety of contexts including infection, cancer, and at steady-state. We also study the interactions between the immune system and the microbiome at the systems level (learn more here). In doing so we develop analysis methods and pipelines and build infrastructure for housing and analyzing data through our Data Library project

What's the Data Science CoLab?

Much of the lab's research is built on a foundation of the collaborative projects we jointly lead as part of the CoLabs. We find that creating teams that integrate biological understanding and intuition with advanced skills in data science--facilitating close collaborations between experimental and computational biologists--leads to projects that have greater impact than a single researcher can do in isolation.  We also like the name Data Science CoLab (DSCoLab) because it includes all of us, capturing our ethos of team science that we all make happen. 

  About CoLabs: the CoLabs are putting forth a new model for academic research in keeping with changes in biology: increasingly multi-modal technology and complex data. CoLabs lead and participate in collaborative research projects with one another other, the ImmunoX program, and additional labs in the UCSF research community. Each CoLab has a specific emphasis.