Many of our projects involve in-depth profiling of the immune system from UCSF patients using single-cell RNAseq and CyTOF, toward an understanding of immune variation and responses. 

ImmunoMicrobiome: immune system and microbiome interactions

Furthering work in exploring how the human immune system and the microbiome varies in the context of dietary intervention (read more here, here, and here), we are pursuing further analysis of the complex dynamics of immune, microbial, and metabolomic interactions in the healthy population in a collaboration with the Spitzer Lab. We are applying integrative analysis approaches to multi-omic data to better characterize this set of relationships to better understand the interplay between microbe and host. 

Immune states of viral infection

We are examining immune behavior in the context of several viral infections including SARS-Cov2 in patients hospitalized with COVID-19, Hepatitis B Virus in human patients and mouse models, and HIV. 

Immune states of autoimmunity

Autoimmunity presents a variety of immune dysregulation that result in a set of overlapping, distinct, and co-occuring pathologies. Through several efforts we are chracterizing within- and across-indication characterization of immune composition, set point, and activation. 

Cross-indication profiling of immune states

More information coming soon -- postdoc position available