Opportunities to join the lab

We are growing our team! We have a variety of positions we are hoping to fill in several research areas of the lab. Please see details below. 

PhD students and Postdocs

Apply for a postdoc position available in computational/systems immunology, or get in touch to hear more about specific projects!

We are currently accepting rotation students! We additionally are seeking postdoctoral scholars with data analysis expertise in high-dimensional data such as next-generation and/or single-cell sequencing, proteomics, or metabolomics, as applied to immunology or the microbioime. We have a variety of projects and datasets in profiling immune state in variety of disease contexts, as well as matched immune and microbiome data in humans. Due to the collaborative nature of the lab we welcome co-advising arrangements with other UCSF faculty at both the graduate and postdoc level. Please get in touch to learn more. 

Data Library Software Engineer

We are hiring a front-end focused engineer to join the Data Library engineering team: learn more and apply here