Office hours

We offer office hours (typically Tuesdays 2-4pm) by appointment. We will add additional windows as needed. For an appointment email us at [email protected]

In your email inquiry, please provide some information for us about your inquiry. Some suggested questions are below. While not all information is required to email, the more answers you can provide, the easier it is to connect you with an expert!
  • What type of data are you analyzing
  • Are you using any specific R or python packages
  • What have you done so far / if you are following a tutorial, please link it
  • At which step are you stuck

Note, several groups on campus also office hours by appointment: 

Ask an expert at the Data Science Initiative through the UCSF Library 

Email The Gladstone Bioinformatics Core

Contact The Diabetes Center Bioinformatics Core


Introduction to R workshop was offered by Arjun Rao Thursday, March 19th from 12 - 4pm.

Introduction to Single-cell Analysis was offered by Arjun Rao Thursday, March 26th from 12 - 4pm.

Introduction to Python was offered by Arjun Rao Thursday, April 9th from 12 - 4pm 

For access issues email


Want to learn R? Swirl is a step-by-step interactive tool for learning R. Start playing with Swirl

Ok, now that you've mastered R, do you need to: 

- Process CyTOF data? Check out the premessa package for normalizing and debarcoding data (the README on the GitHub repo has detailed instructions). 

- Run Seurat on scRNAseq? Here's how to install and tutorials from the Satija lab (this one is a good one to start with). 

Want to learn Python? Dive into python


The UCSF library has an excellent set of courses, including getting started in R, Python, Git, SQL, and more! 

 Check out library courses