Welcome to the DS CoLab

The Data Science CoLab

The Data Science CoLab (Fragiadakis Lab) is a collaboration-based research lab with a focus on systems-immunology  and computational methods development. Our research centers on understanding patient immune state using single-cell methods, primarily CyTOF and single-cell sequencing, in a variety of contexts including infection, cancer, and at steady-state. We also study the interactions between the immune system and the microbiome at the systems level. 

Our philosophy is that successful data-heavy projects happen by integrating biological understanding and intuition with advanced skills in data science. This can happen by facilitating close collaborations between experimental and computational biologists, as well as by empowering biologists to work with their own data. In addition, we passionate about data science training for biologists who want to better engage with their data. In addition we build tools for biologists to store and interact with their data.

How we do it

  • Our research: many of our projects involve collaborations between members of our lab and researchers from other labs. We expect that both lab has a degree investment and intellectual ownership over the work to ensure that cutting edge science occurs. To learn more about our research focus and ongoing projects, go here. Interested in starting a collaboration? Our contact info can be found here.
  • Methods development: We are interested in developing computational methods that better facilitate complex and multi-modal data analysis. To learn more, go here.
  • Data Library: we are building an interactive platform for exploring data generated from our projects. We quality check and curate the data and provide tools for data exploration and visualization. To learn more about the data library project, go here.
  • Embedded researchers, training and project consulting: we invite students, postdocs, and research scientists involved in our collaborative projects to come sit with us in our space to better work with and learn from our lab members, as well as encourage attendance at our lab meetings for relevant presentations. If you are interested in this, contact us. We additionally provide some data science consulting, training, and resources for further learning. To explore these opportunities, go here.

About CoLabs

The CoLabs are putting forth a new model for academic research in keeping with changes in biology: increasingly multi-modal technology and complex data. CoLabs lead and participate in collaborative research projects with one another other, the ImmunoX program, and additional labs in the UCSF research community. Each CoLab has a specific emphasis.